Village BBQ – 11th Sept 2021

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Dear Resident(s),

A village favourite is back after an imposed absence, yes the BBQ is a time for our community to get together and will be a very special welcome to all our more recent family arrivals.
In addition to the BBQ, there will also be the return of the ’Teddy Bear Parachuting’ from the church tower, something our younger (and not so young) generation really love to see.
If you haven’t seen this before and to explain the process: your children can bring along their favourite ‘teddy’ or soft toy, a parachute (provided) will be attached and they are taken to the top of the tower. The teddies are launched individually and timed to reach the ground. Each ’teddy’ will receive a certificate of flight. 

Important: To assist with catering arrangements can you please contact Marje or Chris with your numbers (adults & children) and let us know if you have any dietary requirements, preferably by Saturday 4th Sept
Marje & Chris
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