Minutes of Committee Meeting 14 April 2014

Burton Community Association Committee Meeting

14 April 2014,  at the Old House @ Home

Those present: Amanda Read (Chair), Grant Cambridge (Deputy Chair), Alistair Caie (Secretary), Paul Bird, Paul Lortal, Moya Webb

1 Apologies for absence: Pip Gilbert, Freddie Clark

2 Minutes of Committee Meeting 24 March 2014: Approved

3 Actions Arising

3.1 Website: Graham Read has produced a draft version and will be asked to present it at the next meeting.

Action 14/4/14:1 AR to ask Graham Read to present website at next meeting.

Action 14/4/14:2 AC to add presentation of website to agenda for next BCA Committee meeting

3.2 Draft Constitution:  The bank were happy with this, the next hurdle is HMRC.

3.3 Bank Account: now set up with HSBC

3.4 Stakeholders: AR has written to Jane Scott and received a positive response; MW will go to the June Parish Council meeting.

Action 14/4/14:3 AR to set up meeting with Jane Scott 

before next BCA Committee meeting

Action 14/4/14:4 MW to attend NPC meeting in June

4 Treasurer’s report 

Pip Gilbert’s report was noted.  Pip will progress recognition by HMRC.

Action 14/4/14:5 PG to apply to HMRC

5 Reports from Projects

5.1 Projects: AR said that she would produce a risk assessment template for use by all projects which may be subject to Public Liability Claims.

Action 14/4/14:6 AR to produce Risk Assessment Template 

for use by BCA projects

5.2 Book Club:  Up and running.

5.3 Burton in Bloom: Trystan Hitchens has put out an email to get people enrolled.

5.4 Speedwatch: There are now 6 people signed up. AC will put in a formal request through the Chippenham Area Board.

Action 14/4/14:7 AC to request Speedwatch

5.5 Transport: GC is making progress with local taxi firms. AC has raised the issue of the bus service with the Parish Council, and it is on the agenda for their next meeting.

5.6 Utilities: AR has emailed  John Millican (JM) to ask him to instigate this project.  AC agreed to contact JM (when back in Burton) to ensure this project goes forward, e.g. by contacting the appropriate Authorities and canvassing the BCA for examples of utility problems and support.

Action 14/4/14:8 AC to contact John Millican re utilities

5.7 Pub deals: PL feels this should be a priority.  It was brought to PL’s attention that the meeting was being catered for by kind permission of the OH@H.

5.8 Facebook page: AR felt this could be deferred, pending reception of the new website which will enable interested parties to subscribe to specific topics of interest (potentially negating the need for a Facebook account). This was agreed.

6 Agenda & Date for Next General Meeting 

The agenda was agreed as:

i)   Update on progress – AR

ii)  Projects – reports from project champions on progress and galvanising support for individual projects

iii) Constitution – for approval

iv) Fund raising – ideas from the community

The provisional date of 28th April was confirmed. AR will produce the notice

Action 14/4/14:9 AR to send AC a General Meeting notice

7 Nettleton Annual Parish Meeting 24th April

It was agreed we should publish an e-flier and paper flier to encourage people to attend and raise issues of concern and promote the profile of BCA.  AC said he was happy to print and distribute the paper flier to those not on the email list.

8 Finalising the Constitution 

There being no further comments on the draft, this was ready to go to the general meeting for approval.

9 Any Other Business

9.1 Newsletter: MW said that the masthead and fonts for the newsletter need to be agreed.

Action 14/4/14:10  AR to communicate with newsletter editor, David Webb.

Path Improvement Grant Scheme (PIGS): This was seen as useful. Refurbishing the footpath from the Street to Tolldown Way is being raised with the Parish Council. Although too late for this year, we should consider this scheme in 2015 for an off road path serving Hillside.

Action 14/4/14:11  GC to add to projects list for development in 2015.

9.2 Communications: PL felt there were too many emails, and pending the new website, these should be consolidated into a single weekly email, except for Neighbourhood Watch.

Action 14/4/14:12 AC to put news email out weekly

9.3 Newsletter: This should be on the agenda for the next committee meeting

9.4 Village Fete: The provisional date is 7th June. It was agreed that BCA would like to be involved in the event. BCA should approach the Parochial Church Council about participating.

Action 14/4/14:13 AC to contact PCC re village fete.

9.5 Funding:  PL and GC offered to arrange a pub quiz to take place in May as the first monthly social/fund raising event. Other fund raising ideas are needed.

Action14/4/14:7 PL & GC to arrange pub quiz

10 Next Committee Meeting

It was agreed that committee will meet on the second Monday of each month. The next meeting is 12th May 7.30pm OH@H. 



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