How to use the website


Welcome to the new website for Burton Village.

This blog post is a quick introduction to how to use the site.

First of all I’ll explain how the menus and links work.  Along the top of the page you will see a set of headings (1).  This is the main menu and will very rarely change.  From the menu you can get to most of the content in the site.  The menu is shown on every page that you go to in the site.

On the home page ( you also see some other links.  The sliding photos (2) offer a link to a featured piece of information.  For example, to this introduction to the site.  When other important events come along they will be featured on the home page with links direct to the relevant information.

Also on the home page are featured pages (3).  These are the three links at the bottom of the page.  Again, these may change depending on which pages are being highlighted to readers.

Next I’ll explain the layout.  In the site, information is either presented as a static page (for example the information about the church), a post (this is an item of news in a particular category), a comment (from a reader – see comments below) or an event (see calendar).  The main body of the information is either in the middle of the screen or on the right.  On the left hand side there will be various widgets that either provide information related to the story and/or other useful information like the current weather, a list of upcoming events (from the calendar), etc.  There is also a search box – you can use this to find information using keywords (why not try it by looking up “Burton”).


Some pages from the menu (examples are “Neighbourhood Watch” and “News” under The Village) display a list of the latest posts on that subject.  The list is in the form of a short extract of each post.  If you click on the extract it takes you to the full story.  Once you have displayed a full story post, if you scroll down to the bottom you will notice a box for writing comments (4).  This is open to any reader.  If you click inside the comment box (and hopefully write a comment – please do), you will also see that in order to submit the comment you must provide contact details (5).  This is so that we can avoid unwanted spam.  But please note the little symbols to the right (6) of the name and email boxes – these allow you to use a Facebook or Twitter account to “login” to the site as an alternative to entering name and email address.

The event calendar is fairly self explanatory but please note the links to “subscribe” on the calendar and event pages.  These allow you to download event details into your own calendar programme.  Also, wherever you see an event listed, if you hover over the event a little pop-up appears providing more information about the event.

Future enhancements to the site will include links to a village Facebook page and Twitter feed. These links will automatically send extracts of news items to the Facebook and Twitter pages. We will also be able to set up polls, surveys and quizzes. A survey will be set up very soon to gather information about street lighting (one of the topics discussed last night).

Please visit the site regularly to keep up to date with developments.