Hi everyone,
Just to let you all know that the plan for the next edition of the Bugle is to do it entirely around Burton Tidy The Village Day, which is being held on Saturday, August 16.
So, on the day, could volunteers please take ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs of the area or spots they are cleaning up and what it looks like afterwards; and also put together a few words naming who was in their group and briefly describing what the area they are tidying looked like ‘before’ and  then what it looked like ‘after’, and again briefly explaining what they did to tidy it up.
Burton in Bloom leaders Trystan and Victoria Hitchens will also explain this on the day.
Their idea, as explained in the last issue of the Bugle, is hopefully to get people to tackle jobs near their own homes. Perhaps someone in each group could take the pictures in their location and provide the words.
Trystan and Victoria will be suggesting this on the day, and asking that the photographs and words get emailed to me, David Webb, at davidwebb357@btinternet.com so I can put it all together in the Bugle.

To start with on Aug 16, all volunteers should meet in St Mary’s churchyard at 10am (you don’t need to bring along your gardening tools).

Of course, some people may not be able to make it on the day, but might want to still tidy somewhere in the village, either before or after Aug 16.

Anyone in this situation could do the same re. pix and words, and email them to me.
Thank you all in anticipation of your help.
David Webb, Bugle editor


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